Cambridge Biopolymers Ltd

Wilton Centre, Wilton, Cleveland TS10 4RF, United Kingdom

Telephone : +44 (0) 1223 832026

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Cambridge Biopolymers was established in December 2000 to develop and commercialise patented technology for the manufacture of thermosetting 'bioresins' made from plant oils.  The initial validation and development of the concept was carried out at the head office and laboratories located on the Huntsman site at Duxford near Cambridge. 

In 2007 a small manufacturing facility was set-up at the Wilton Centre to service the growing requirement to supply of larger quantities of bioresin for performance evaluation studies in composite products.

Cambridge Biopolymers also has expertise in a technology based upon  Arabinoxylan Ferulates (AXF), a thermostable gellable compound extracted from maize bran. This material has proven usage as a wound healing agent and potential applications as an adjuvant for vaccine delivery and as a food ingredient.